Celebrate National 4-H Week

by kentucky4h

Contact: Kim Foster, extension specialist for 4-H youth development


National 4-H Week is fast approaching. During the week of Oct. 6-12, 4-H members and volunteers across Kentucky will celebrate the many facets of 4-H with various events and activities.

The Kentucky 4-H program, the largest youth organization in the state, creates an environment for positive youth development. With more than 228,000 youth participants and 22,000 volunteers, the program gives many young people the opportunity to form a sense of belonging with their peers, who may share similar interests. 4-H members are encouraged to learn independence and generosity while working toward their goals. They are provided safe environments to work in, positive role models to look up to and numerous leadership opportunities. Kentucky 4-H helps guide youth in the life skills that they find interesting and is a rewarding experience for those involved.


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