4-H’ers can Build A Million

by kentucky4h

4-H’ers can Build A Million

Source: Kim Adams Foster, 4-H youth development specialist

All of us want our children to grow up to be financially secure adults. Teaching young people early about basic money management can help your young person have a good financial foundation, and 4-H is here to help.

4-H Build A Million is a financial simulation program that was developed by family financial specialists from the University of Kentucky, Michigan State University, University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech. Through the 4-H Build A Million Program, senior 4-H’ers can learn firsthand how to grow their money in a safe, risk-free environment.

In the online program, 4-H members can work toward building their wealth through interactive games and activities. As they complete each of the six units, 4-H’ers learn the basics of saving and investing, including compound interest, risk and budgeting. In the process, they also learn valuable life skills including decision making, goal setting and distinguishing between wants and needs. All of which can be very valuable tools as these young people will soon become responsible for their finances for the first time.

The 4-H Build A Million is great for individuals and groups, such as 4-H clubs or afterschool clubs. It is available at http://www.extension.org/pages/61531/4-h-build-a-million. For more information about the 4-H Build A Million Program or other youth money management topics, contact the (YOUR COUNTY) Cooperative Extension Service.

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